International Mediation Forum

Our partner Ruslan Mirzayev was invited as an expert on Alternative Dispute Resolution to take part in the International Forum On Commercial Mediation for the Countries of Eastern Europe and Middle Asia held in Minsk on October 10-12, 2016.

The forum was held by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and was attended by senior civil servants (including ministers of justice and chief justices) and renowned experts in commercial mediation of 11 countries, as well a senior level delegation of the EBRD.

The aim of the Forum was to discuss the development of commercial mediation and to develop recommendations on how best to promote commercial mediation in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

During the forum participants exchanged experience and success stories on commercial mediation development in their respective countries and a proposal was developed to promote commercial mediation in the countries of Eastern Europe and Middle Asia.

Adrem Attorneys is Hiring
21 Apr 2018
Adrem Attorneys Law Firm is hiring 2 legal interns
A New Dispute Resolution Center
21 Apr 2018
A new dispute resolution centre named ARBME Dispute Resolution has recently been formed in Azerbaijan
Rebranding of Our Law Firm
21 Apr 2018
Adrem Attorneys Law Firm, previously called Tengrinvest, has completed its rebranding and launched its new website